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  • input structure definition
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  • search entry
    • SimulationBehaviour / NetworkBehaviour
    • MonoBehaviour e puro CSharp
    • Unity New input system
    • Search entry at low tick rates
    • Search input with UI
  • read entry
    • GetInput()
    • Runner.TryGetInputForPlayer()
  • A Note on Authority
  • Multiple players per pair


Input definition, polling and consumption are at the core of Fusion.

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input structure definition

The input structure can store simple or complex data as needed. Fusion only transmits data that actually changes. So while it's beneficial to keep the data compact (e.g. using flags for buttons), it's fine to include infrequently used fields. An example is collecting input from multiple local players, even though most of the time there is only one - if those other players don't provide input, they don't affect the input fabric's bandwidth usage, only the local storage.

The input framework has the following limitations:

  • must inherit fromINetworkInput;
  • can only contain primitive types and structures;
  • the input structure and all structures it contains must be top-level structures (that is, cannot be nested within a class); and,
  • use for boolean valuesNetworkBoolrather thanbool- C# therefore does not enforce a consistent size for boolean values ​​across platformsNetworkBoolis used to properly serialize it as a single bit.

Fusion intelligently maps the structure type; this allows different structures to be used for different game modes or different parts of the game. When unpacking the input, Fusion only returns available input of the correct type.

public struct MyInput : INetworkedInput {public Vector3 aimDirection;}

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there is a specialnetwork buttonsType that provides convenient packaging for storing pressed keys in aINetworkInputStructure.

To add buttons to an input structure, simply do the following:

  1. Create an enumeration for the buttons (Important:must be set explicitly and start at 0); and,
  2. add anetwork buttonsvariable forINNetworkedInput.
Enum MyButtons { Forward = 0, Backward = 1, Left = 2, Right = 3,} public struct MyInput : INetworkInput { botões NetworkButtons públicos; public Vector3 aimDirection;}

The API available for assigning and reading values ​​directly from anetwork buttonsThe variable is:

  • void Set(int button, boolean state): Takes the enumeration value for the button and its state (pressed = true, not pressed = false);
  • bool IsSet(int button): Takes the enumeration value for the button and returns its boolean state.

Dienetwork buttonsThe type is stateless and therefore contains no metadata about the previous state of the button. To be able to use the next set of methods offered bynetwork buttons, it is necessary to track the previous state of the buttons; this is very easy to do by creating a[connected]Version of previous state for each player.

public class PlayerInputConsumerExample : NetworkBehavior { [Networked] public NetworkButtons ButtonsPrevious { get; adjust; } // Full excerpt in the GetInput() section below.}

See the __GetInput__ section below for the full snippet.

This makes it possible to compare the current state of keys with their previous state to judge whether the keys were pressed or released.

  • NetworkButtons GetPressed(NetworkButtons anterior): Returns a range of values ​​for all keys that were just pressed.
  • NetworkButtons GetReleased(NetworkButtons anterior): Returns a set of values ​​for all keys that have just been freed.
  • (NetworkButtons, NetworkButtons) GetPressedOrReleased(NetworkButtons anterior): Returns a tuple of values ​​for buttons that have just been pressed and released.

IMPORTANT:only useInput.GetKey()Assign button values. DoNOTuseInput.GetKeyDown()orInput.GetKeyUp()as they are not synchronized with the Fusion ticks and therefore may be lost.

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search entry

Fusion collects input by querying the local client and populating a previously defined input structure. Fusion Runner only crawls a single input structure at a time, so it is highly recommended to implement the input query in a single place to avoid unexpected behavior.

Fusion Runner requests input by callingINetworkRunnerCallbacks.OnInput()Method. the implementation ofOnInput()can fill any inherited structureINetworkInputwith the selected dates. The filled structure is returned by calling FusionPhrase()not providednetwork input.


  1. If multiple polling sites exist, all but the most recent version of the entry framework will be replaced.
  2. the entrance isonlyconsulted locally (all modes).

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SimulationBehaviour / NetworkBehaviour

UseOnInput()on asimulation behaviorornetwork behaviorcomponent, implement theINetworkRunnerCallbacksinterface and callNetworkRunner.AddCallbacks()to file recalls with the local runner.

Classe de classe InputProvider: SimulationBehaviour, INetworkRunnerCallbacks { public void OnEnable(){ if(Runner != null){ Runner.AddCallbacks( this ); } } public void OnInput (NetworkRunner-Läufer, NetworkInput-Eingabe) { var myInput = new MyInput(); myInput.Buttons.Set(MyButtons.Forward, Input.GetKey(KeyCode.W)); myInput.Buttons.Set(MyButtons.Backward, Input.GetKey(KeyCode.S)); myInput.Buttons.Set(MyButtons.Left, Input.GetKey(KeyCode.A)); myInput.Buttons.Set(MyButtons.Right, Input.GetKey(KeyCode.D)); myInput.Buttons.Set(MyButtons.Jump, Input.GetKey(KeyCode.Space)); input.Set (meineEingabe); } public void OnDisable(){ if(Runner != null){ Runner.RemoveCallbacks( this ); } }}

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MonoBehaviour e puro CSharp

To request input from a regular CSharp script or aMonobehaviour, follow these steps:

  1. ImplementINetworkRunnerCallbackseOnInput(); e,
  2. Register the script with theNetworkRunnerby phone calladd callbacks()in him.
public class InputProvider : Monobehaviour, INetworkRunnerCallbacks { public void OnEnable(){ var myNetworkRunner = FindObjectOfType<NetworkRunner>(); myNetworkRunner.AddCallbacks( this ); } public void OnInput(NetworkRunner runner, NetworkInput input) { // Igual ao snippet para SimulationBehaviour e NetworkBehaviour. } public void OnDisable(){ var myNetworkRunner = FindObjectOfType<NetworkRunner>(); myNetworkRunner.RemoveCallbacks( this ); }}

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Unity New input system

To use Unity's new input system, the process is the same, but you need to collect the inputs coming from the created input action.

After creating the input action and defining the desired button, generate the C# class and instantiate it in code. It is possible to use the events that come inPlayerInputclass, as long as the entries are stored in a local cache to be consumed in itOnInput().

The goal is to capture the state of the buttonOnInput()come from the new input system and not the old one, so other than the system configuration part, the rest is basically the same.

public class InputProvider : SimulationBehaviour, INetworkRunnerCallbacks { // a criação de uma instância da ação de entrada cria um PlayerActionMap privado _playerActionMap = new PlayerActionMap(); public void OnEnable(){ if(Runner != null){ // ativa o mapa de entrada _playerActionMap.Player.Enable(); Runner.AddCallbacks(este); } } public void OnInput(NetworkRunner runner, entrada NetworkInput) { var myInput = new MyInput(); var playerActions = _playerActionMap.Player; myInput.buttons.Set(MeusBotões.Jump, playerActions.Jump.IsPressed()); entrada.Set(minhaentrada); } public void OnDisable(){ if(Runner != null){ // desabilita o mapa de entrada _playerActionMap.Player.Disable(); Runner.RemoveCallbacks( this ); } }}

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Search entry at low tick rates

To collect inputs with low tick rates, it is necessary to use Unity's update function to accumulate all recorded inputs into a structure that can be consumed later.

NoOnInput, this structure is correctly read and passed through to FusionInput.Set()then it resets to start collecting input for the next tick.

public class InputProvider : SimulationBehaviour, INetworkRunnerCallbacks { // Local variable to store the queried input. MyEntrada myEntrada = new MyEntrada(); public void OnEnable() { if(Runner != null) { Runner.AddCallbacks( this ); } } public void Update() { if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0)) { myInput.Buttons.Set(MyButtons.Attack, true); } if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Space)) { myInput.Buttons.Set(MyButtons.Jump, true); } } public void OnInput(NetworkRunner runner, NetworkInput input) { input.Set(myInput); // Reset the input structure to start with a clean slate // when polling the next tick myInput = default; }}

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Search input with UI

Query entry with UI follows the same logic as above. define thosenetwork buttonread and reset from a method called in the UIOnInput.

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read entry

The input can be read by the simulation to change the state of the existing mesh from its current state to the new one based on the previously queried input. Fusion synchronizes the input framework on the network and makes it available to both the input authority client and the government authority client (the host) during the simulation.

In contrast to polling input, read input can occur in any number of places.

To notice:Player input is only available for the client with Input Authority and State Authority. at theHostModeeServerModethis means that the player's client and host/server while inSharedModethis is one and the same customer.

It is not possible to read input from one client into another. So any changes based on the input should be saved as[connected]Status so it can be replicated to other clients.

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To get the input structure, callGetInput(T input output)on themFixedUpdateNetwork()of eachnetwork behaviorhas input authority over the object in question (for example, the component that controls the player's movement). the call toGetInput()provides the same input structure that was populated earlierOnInput().

the call toGetInput()returns false if:

  • the client has no state authority or entry authority
  • The requested input type does not exist in the simulation

game modeaccurate information:

  • NoHostModeeServerMode, entry for a given tick is only available to the player and host/server sim. the entrance isNOTshared between players.
  • NoSharedModeIt is good practice to keep itOnInput()eGetInput()Standard, but the lack of a central authority means that only the local simulation will have access to the local player's input. the entrance isNOTshared between players.
with Fusion, with UnityEngine, public class PlayerInputConsumerExample: NetworkBehaviour { [Networked] public NetworkButtons ButtonsPrevious { get; adjust; } public override void FixedUpdateNetwork() { if (GetInput<MyInput>(out var input) == false) return; // calculate pressed/released state var pressed = input.Buttons.GetPressed(ButtonsPrevious); var released = input.Buttons.GetReleased(ButtonsPrevious); // saves the last entry as the "previous" state we had ButtonsPrevious = input.Buttons; // move (check down) var vector = default(Vector3); if (input.Buttons.IsSet(MyButtons.Forward)) { vector.z += 1; } if (input.Buttons.IsSet(MyButtons.Backward)) { vector.z -= 1; } if (input.Buttons.IsSet(MyButtons.Left)) { vector.x -= 1; } if (input.Buttons.IsSet(MyButtons.Right)) { vector.x += 1; } DoMove(Vector); // jump (check if pressed) if (pressed.IsSet(MyButtons.Jump)) { DoJump(); } } void DoMove(Vector3 vector) { // dummy method with no logic } void DoJump() { // dummy method with no logic }}

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Is it possible to read input from outside anetwork behaviorby phone callNetworkRunner.TryGetInputForPlayer<T>(PlayerRef playerRef, out var input). BesidesINetworkInputtype, requires specifying the player for which the entry is to be retrieved.To notice:The same restrictions forGetInput()Apply; i.e. on the entry permissioned client or server/host, entry for the given player can be fetched.

var myNetworkRunner = FindObjectOfType<NetworkRunner>(); // Example of local player if script runs only on client if(myNetworkRunner.TryGetInputForPlayer<MyInput>(myNetworkRunner.LocalPlayer, out var input)){ // do logic}

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A Note on Authority

To ensure full simulation authority, it is important to only collect input valuesOnInput()when populating the input structure. Logic to be executed based on the input must be executed entirely in theGetInput().

For example, the following division would be used to fire a bullet:

  • OnInput(): Save the fire button value for the player.
  • GetInput(): Make sure the fire button has been pressed and shoot the bullet is gone.

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Multiple players per pair

Often referred to as "couch", "split screen", or "local" multiplayer. It is possible for multiple human players to provide information to a single pair (for example, a game console with multiple controllers) and simultaneously participate in an online multiplayer game. Fusion treats all players in a pair as part of aPlayerRef(PlayerRefidentifies the network partner, not the individual human players) and does not distinguish between them. It's up to you to decide what a "player" is and what information they provide.

An example of how to handle this use case is defining yourINetworkInputStructure with a nestedINetworkStructfor each player.

public struct PlayerInputs : INetworkStruct{ // All player specific inputs go here public Vector2 dir;}public struct CombinedPlayerInputs : INetworkInput{ // For this example we assume a maximum of 4 players in a pair public PlayerInputs PlayerA; playerB public player inputs; public PlayerInputs PlayerC; public PlayerInputs PlayerD; // indexer example to facilitate access to nested player structures public PlayerInputs this[int i] { get { switch (i) { case 0: return PlayerA; Case 1: return PlayerB; Case 2: return PlayerC; Case 3: return PlayerD; pattern: returns pattern; } } set { switch(i) { case 0: playerA = value; Turn back; Case 1: PlayerB = value; Turn back; Case 2: PlayerC = value; Turn back; Case 3: playerD = value; Turn back; default: return; } } }}

Collect Multiplayer Tickets:

public class CouchCoopInput : MonoBehaviour, INetworkRunnerCallbacks{ public void OnInput(NetworkRunner runner, NetworkInput input) { // Para este exemplo, cada jogador (4 no total) tem um joystick. var myInput = new CombinedPlayerInputs(); myInput[0] = new PlayerInputs() { dir = new Vector2( Input.GetAxis("Joy1_X"), Input.GetAxis("Joy1_Y")) }; myInput[1] = new PlayerInputs() { dir = new Vector2( Input.GetAxis("Joy2_X"), Input.GetAxis("Joy2_Y")) }; myInput[2] = new PlayerInputs() { dir = new Vector2( Input.GetAxis("Joy3_X"), Input.GetAxis("Joy3_Y")) }; myInput[3] = new PlayerInputs() { dir = new Vector2( Input.GetAxis("Joy4_X"), Input.GetAxis("Joy4_Y")) }; entrada.Set(minhaentrada); } // (removidos INetworkRunnerCallbacks não utilizados)}

Get inputs for the simulation:

public class CouchCoopController : NetworkBehaviour{ // Player index 0-3 indicating which of the 4 players // in the associated pair controls this object. private int _playerIndex; public override void FixedUpdateNetwork() { if (GetInput<CombinedPlayerInputs>(out var input)) { var dir = input[_playerIndex].dir; // convert stick direction to player bearing float bearing = Mathf.Atan2(dir.y, dir.x) * Mathf.Rad2Deg; transform.rotation = Quaternion.Euler(0f, Heading - 90, 0f); } }}

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